Friday, February 3, 2012

Download Guitar Hero 3 PC Full Version

Download Guitar Hero 3 PC Full Version, Free Download Guitar Hero III Legens Of Rock Link Mediafire. Guitar Hero 3 marks the debut of activision and RedOctane's wildly popular rock and roll rhythm game on the PC, and in most ways, it's a solid one. This is a direct port of the Xbox 360 version of the game, complete with an included wired X-plorer model Xbox 360 controller.

Download Guitar Hero 3 PC Full Version - The core gameplay remains lots of fun and the track list is long and varied, offering quite possibly the best setlist of any game in the series to date. If there are any chinks in the armor of this sequel, it's that some of the newer mode additions and a few odd design decisions do more to get in the way of the fun than anything else and the extreme diffiulty of some of the game's more severe song might end up turning off newer players.

And PC owners will have their own unique quirks to deal with, such as puzzlingly high system requirements, sluggish performance and an online mode that's rather finicky about whether it wants to work or not.

Video Trailer Guitar Hero 3 PC Full Version